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Healthcare Commission Bill Sounds Complicated, But Is Simple Way To Understand Care, Access

on February 3, 2019 - 3:22pm
Rep. Debbie Armstrong
Rep. Debbie Armstrong’s legislation to create a Healthcare Value & Access Commission and an All-Payers Database in New Mexico, which passed the House Health & Human Services Committee 5-2 Wednesday, may make the eyes of non-policy-wonks glaze over, but it implements a simple plan: To gather and analyze currently uncollected data on healthcare in New Mexico to improve healthcare policy.
“HB 88 creates meaningful, systemic change to the way we track and understand healthcare in New Mexico. That is huge, but the idea and implementation are simple,” Armstrong said. “The commission will collect data on healthcare—how it’s used, what it costs, best practices—and analyze it so that policymakers and the public can better understand the healthcare needs of our state.”
Under this bill, all healthcare providers in New Mexico would provide the commission with data about the care they deliver. The data, collected with complete anonymity and aggregated to further protect privacy, would be analyzed by the commission and used to make recommendations to improve health policy.
“This is information simply doesn’t exist in one place today,” Armstrong said. “By pooling all of these data—and carefully analyzing them--we will finally know what the average cost of a procedure is, what the outcomes of a procedure are. Shining a light on how healthcare is actually provided in New Mexico will empower the public and let everyone know more about how healthcare works.”
HB 88 appropriates $2 million to fund the commission and its work in fiscal year 2020 and in future years. As such, HB 88 now goes to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee for consideration.