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Griggs: Crossing The Atlantic

on August 21, 2019 - 8:09am
The Winged Bull of Sargon in the Assyrian collection at the British Museum. Photo by David Griggs
Foreign Correspondent
Los Alamos Daily Post
Greetings from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
What a trip! All three big Cunarders were in Southampton at the same time: Queen Mary II, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria.
This is a voyage I have wanted to make since I was a child. I am following the footsteps (so to speak) of my ancestors who sailed from England to the New World in 1640. I am making the crossing across the Atlantic Ocean in a bit more style and a lot faster, from Southampton to New York City on the Cunard ocean liner the Queen Mary II in seven days.
The food on the ship is plentiful and delicious: not the diet cruise. Many old favorites, but a lot of delicious new items for me as well. Duck Liver Terrine is a delightful appetizer. I also have enjoyed a breakfast entree called Kedgeroe, which is a rice dish with (among other ingredients) green onion and peas, served with warm curry sauce with a bit of a zip to it.
I am in the middle of a great read for the voyage: Empires of the Plain: Henry Rawlinson and the Lost Languages of Babylon by Leslie Adkins. I was stimulated to read this by the wonderful Assyrian exhibits at the British Museum. The book brings back fond memories of my introduction to the region by my Kent teacher William Armstrong and his text History Begins at Sumer.
This morning we are traveling past the Grand Banks off Newfoundland through mild seas but heavy fog, and the low foghorn speaks with a loud voice every minute or two.
A lot of shipboard events and activities. I have started to participate in a duplicate bridge tournament every afternoon from 2 to 4. We play in the Atlantic Room, which is high on Deck 8 in the front of the ocean liner, with wonderful forward views of the ocean.
Editor's Note: Since retiring from Los Alamos County in September 2013, David Griggs has been traveling the world. He submits columns and photographs of his travels to the Los Alamos Daily Post for publication.

Yours truly checking out the deck chairs (foreground). Photo by David Griggs


Guess who I saw on Platform 1 in Paddington Station in London? Photo by David Griggs


The Queen Mary II at dockside in England. To give you some perspective, compare the ship with the truck on the pier. Photo by David Griggs


An injury to a passenger necessitated a helicopter transfer from the ship to a hospital in Newfoundland. Photo by David Griggs


Death by Dessert: just one small sampling of the bountiful dessert options Friday at lunch. Photo by David Griggs