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Governor Signs Legislation To Better Protect New Mexico Farmers And Ranchers

on March 6, 2016 - 9:16am
CLOVIS — Gov. Martinez signs legislation that better protects New Mexico’s farmers and ranchers from encroaching urban sprawl and unfair nuisance lawsuits.
Senate Bill 72, sponsored by Senator Stuart Ingle (R-Portales), ensures new neighbors cannot sue agricultural producers for being too noisy.
Martinez also signed House Bill 270, sponsored by Representative Terry McMillan (R-Las Cruces), which helps resolve the issue of out-of-state doctors being sued in New Mexico courts. Without this legislation, doctors in other states could deny treatment to New Mexicans because they wouldn’t be covered by their malpractice insurance. This ensures that New Mexicans can continue to access an out-of-state physician by allowing the doctor and the patient to agree to the proper place and proper law under which civil claims can be brought.
Martinez also acted on the following legislation:
  • Signed House Bill 12 — Public Project Revolving Fund Projects [MESSAGE]
  • Signed House Bill 18 — County Employee Salary Structure [MESSAGE]
  • Signed House Bill 19 — Drinking Water System Financing [MESSAGE]
  • Signed House Bill 33 — Approval of Certain Projects by Law [MESSAGE]
  • Signed House Bill 43 — Public Safety Employee Contribution Payments [MESSAGE]
  • Signed House Bill 61 — Accounts for Persons with Disabilities Act [MESSAGE]
  • Signed House Bill 92 — NM Mounted Patrol Survivors Benefits [MESSAGE]
  • Signed House Bill 103 — Osteopathic Student Loans for Service [MESSAGE]
  • Signed House Bill 134 — Local Government Planning Fund [MESSAGE]