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County Update: Road Conditions Remain Hazardous

on January 1, 2019 - 1:56pm

COUNTY Traffic Alert Update:

Pajarito Mountain is OPEN; however, the Traffic Division staff urges residents who decide to travel on Camp May Road to be advised of nearly-impassable road conditions. 

The first section of Camp May Road is slightly more than one lane in width, which means passing oncoming traffic will be difficult.

For those who decide to head to Pajarito today, driving a vehicle with high clearance, four wheel drive and tire chains is advisable. 

For safety reasons, the County will continue to discourage traveling on Camp May Road at this time, although snow removal crews will attempt to plow the road as time and resources permit.

Stable owners: Crews are making an initial pass through the roads at the stables area on North Mesa - continue to use caution if heading out to this area.

All other local roads: Crews continue to clear main roads as the highest priority with some clearing of side streets as time and resources permit. Expect local conditions to continue to be hazardous; do not travel if it is not necessary/urgent. Crews can work most effectively when there are few vehicles in the roadways.