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Council Tentatively Approves LAFD Budget

on April 16, 2019 - 3:28pm

Fire Chief Troy Hughes, center, presents his department budget along with Senior Management Analyst Norma Jean Valdez and Management Analyst Xavier Anderson. County Deputy Manager Steve Lynne and Budget and Performance Manager Karen Kendall listen Monday evening at left, during the annual budget hearings. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/

Staff Report

Los Alamos County Council unanimously voted to tentatively approve the approximately $32.7 million budget for the Los Alamos Fire Department during the Monday night budget hearing.  

The tentative budget approval includes an add-on item of $1.4 million for the County’s share of the Fire Cooperative Agreement.

Los Alamos Fire Chief Troy Hughes shared highlights in his department budget:

  • Shared budget with DOE
  • Los Alamos County budget year split between two Federal Fiscal Years (3 months of Federal FY 19, 9 months of Federal FY 20)
  • The County shares 25 percent and DOE share more than 75 percent)
  • The County retains all revenue (EMS transport, Wildland Deployment)
  • DOE provides all response vehicles including fuel and maintenance costs, and 100 percent of cost of two fire stations (Station 1, Station 5)
  • 150 total employees –139 uniform employees, 11 civilians (37 on duty 24/7)
  • Significant costs due to scheduled replacement of response equipment (radios, self-contained breathing apparatus)