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Congressional Candidate Valerie Plame In Los Alamos

on September 10, 2019 - 9:35am

Democratic Congressional Candidate Valerie Plame visits Monday on Central Avenue with the oldest (Ann Beyer, 90) and youngest (Neha Sadasivan, 17) of the group of hosts organizing a community meet-and-greet event for her, 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, at the Pueblo Canyon Inn. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Congressional Candidate Valerie Plame gets together Monday with several of her hosts for next Thursday's community meet-and-greet event, from left, Kenneth Holmes, Plame, Anagha Dandekar, Public Education Commissioner Karyl Ann Armbruster and Jennifer Holmes. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Staff Report
A group of enthusiastic folks in Los Alamos is hosting a meet-and-greet next week for former CIA operative, author, activist and speaker Valerie Plame in support of her campaign for congress.

The event is 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19 at Pueblo Canyon Inn, 199 San Ildefonso Road. 

Because of her work with the CIA in hunting down rogue nuclear weapons over the last several decades, Plame said that she has developed strong ties with Los Alamos and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

“I am eager to share my vision at this informal gathering of what representing the best interests of Northern New Mexico will look,” Plame said during a meeting Monday with the Los Alamos Daily Post.

Former residents Dr. Tom Csanadi and Marvel Harrison told the Post that they are excited to return to Los Alamos to help host this event along with several prominent local democratic and community leaders.

This inclusive event is open to the public and the hosts range in concerns, interests and ages from 17 to 90. The hosts said that they realize with Plame’s experience in Washington “she will be able to hit the ground running and navigate the complexities of Congress with integrity and a strong voice for New Mexico and the needs of the nation.”

Some of those attending the Sept. 19 event have already expressed their thoughts:

Ana Dandekar: “Valerie is just the kind of intelligent, passionate, and articulate woman we need to represent and advocate for Los Alamos in Washington. She has intensive knowledge about the Lab and is experienced in the ways of Washington to get things done.”

Kenneth Holmes: “I first met Valerie Plame when she and her husband hosted a fundraiser for New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence (NMPGV) at their home. As a former teacher at LAPS, I am concerned about gun violence and think Valerie will be a good advocate for us.”

Tom Csanadi: “Who better to champion our causes in Washington than a humble, intelligent, hard-working mother of two kids in college? Oh, and then there is the part about her being a covert CIA operative who risked her life to keep us safe from rogue nuclear weaponry... .”

Karyl Ann Armbruster: “Valerie has extensive and unique background knowledge of the government intricacies plus experience working with LANL that gives her an immediate advantage.”

Neha Sadasivan: “I’ve met and heard Valerie speak and she is inspiring. I am excited to help in her campaign, as her climate change and gun safety goals resonate with my generation.”

Marvel Harrison: “Regardless of where I call home, because of my professional and personal concern for children and families, I want someone who has the courage to speak truth to power in Washington and defend the disenfranchised as well as our planet. Valerie has demonstrated her commitment to families through her dedication to United Way in New Mexico, Many Mothers, Cancer Foundation of New Mexico, and other prominent organizations. Her CIA experiences in many of the most dangerous places in the world and her involvement with the Santa Fe Council on International Relations and the International Women’s Forum reflects her global awareness and concern for America’s role on the world stage. Valerie is intelligent, authentic, caring and has the ability to lead with her head as well as her heart. Valerie is a voice we need in Washington.”

Plame explained that after being illegally outed as a CIA agent, she and her husband could have moved anywhere in the world but chose to raise their family in Northern New Mexico and have never looked back.

On Monday, the Plame campaign released her “Undercover” video in which she demonstrates the backward drive in the country of national security, healthcare and women’s rights. She said with the support of her constituents she plans to turn it around. Plame’s “Undercover” video has drawn nearly 250,000 views in less than 24 hours.  

View video here:

Plame invites the community to join her at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19 at the Pueblo Canyon Inn, at 199 San Ildefonso Road, to share questions and concerns and hear more of her views.

Los Alamos County Council Vice Chair Pete Sheehey chats with  Congressional Candidate Valerie Plame Monday near the downtown post office on Central Avenue. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Congressional Candidate Valerie Plame, left, meets for lunch with Liddie Martinez, president - Los Alamos Region & director of Community Engagement for Enterprise Bank & Trust, Monday at the Blue Window Bistro. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Congressional Candidate Valerie Plame meets for coffee with Los Alamos business man Jim Hall, left, and LANL Senior Fellow, Principal Associate Directorate Global Security Houston Terry Hawkins Monday at the Blue Window Bistro. Photo by Carol A. Clark/