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Community Help Needed For Injured Bear

on July 15, 2017 - 6:04am
Dr. Ramsay performed surgery to repair a broken elbow of a small bear named Blue Beary at Cottonwood Rehab Sunday after she was hit by a car. Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation
Good morning Los Alamos!
We here at Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation would like to thank you for becoming a bear aware community!
We are humbled to see how active the citizens are in alerting the community to a bear spotting, removing their feeders, and volunteering to have bear resistant devices installed on their roll carts. Your dedication to making Los Alamos a bear safe community has been recognized across the country, and our thanks go out to you.
Now we would like you to meet Cottonwood Rehab’s newest patient, Blue Beary. Blue Beary came to Dr. Ramsay and Cottonwood Rehab Sunday after being hit by a car trying to cross the road near Chama.
After getting her clean and stabilized, Dr. Ramsay partnered with the Veterinary Care Hospital in Albuquerque to repair her broken elbow. After a successful surgery, Blue Beary is resting comfortably under the direct care of Dr. Ramsay.
Now, we need some help. With the surgery (about $2,500) and the traditional needs to rehab, Blue Beary will require about $7,000 to $9,000 to rehab back into the wild. Over the next few months, Dr. Ramsay will need to work to get her from a mere 18 pounds, to over 85!
If you would like to donate, please visit our website at or donations can be received by mail at PO Box 957, Santa Cruz, NM, 87567.
To watch Blue Beary’s growth to a big bear, please follow us at Cottonwood Rehab on Facebook.
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo