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AG Tells US Dept. of Health New Draft Drug Report Is Dangerous, Potentially Deadly For New Mexico

on March 29, 2019 - 3:31pm

AG News: 


ALBUQUERQUE – Today, Attorney General Hector Balderas sent a letter to the United States Department of Health and Human Services sharing concerns about the Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force Draft Report.


AG Balderas, and 35 additional Attorneys General believe that the draft report, sent to the chief medical officer for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health, weakens guidelines published by the CDC, believes reports should be aimed at decreasing the risk of opioid misuse in the United States.


“The opioid crisis has been devastating on our public health, social services and criminal justice systems,” Balderas asid. “The suggestion that opioid providers can make up their own minds on distribution levels is incredibly dangerous considering their past practices. This will make a horrific opioid crisis even more deadly.”


As it stands, the Draft Report deviates from CDC guidelines, which are aimed at decreasing the risk of opioid misuse. The report suggests providers can rely solely on their judgement instead of consulting evidence-based recommendations. By doing so, it weakens recommendations for opioid prescription duration and dosage.

AG Balderas and the 35 additional Attorneys General list several other concerns, including that HHS does not provide a reason for departing from evidence-based CDC guidelines and does not explicitly state that there is no completely safe opioid dosage.