Congratulations To Ed And Mary Little On 75 Years

Ed and Mary Little who are celebrting 75 years of marriage Sunday, with their daughter Susan Little Bartholomew, her husband Russell Bartholomew, center, and the Little’s son Bob Little. Courtesy photo
Formerly of Los Alamos
My name is Pearl Marie Henderson Furtivo. It is my honor to wish Ed and Mary Little a happy 75th wedding anniversary.
I was raised in Los Alamos, but now reside in Pittsburgh, Pa. Ed and Mary Little, their daughter, Susan, her husband Russell, and brother Bob, all go way way back. We all attended the First Baptist Church of Los Alamos forever, and grew up together.
Ed and Mary and my parents Dorothy and Clarence Henderson all worked in the church together and my parents had a great love and respect for Ed and Mary. As time passed and I moved on with my life, a group of church friends started a dinner group that would go to each others home for dinner once a month. For many of these dinner I happened to be in town and attended, and they were great fun. I really enjoyed getting to know Mom and Dad’s friends as an equal, and found Ed and Mary becoming great friends of mine. I always enjoyed the time to talk with quiet Ed, for he is a great conversationalists when given the chance, if you know Ed you soon learn he is a quiet man, but when he speaks everyone stops and listens.
Mary is a woman I wish I could be more like – she is the ideal woman – great cook, good mother, good housekeeper, and always there to help others, and she never gossips – now I ask you ladies can you live up that? I sure can’t. Ed and Mary both have shown us all how to make a marriage work for a year or until we reach our 75th wedding anniversary.
Thanks for all the memories and love.
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