Cone Zone: Week of Aug. 5


Road Construction Update

Public Works Projects:

For more information about the projects listed below, e-mail, call 662-8150, or visit the “Projects” link at http://www.losalamosnm.usPlease slow down and use caution as you travel through these construction areas.

Reminder: There have been a number of lightning strikes causing traffic signal outages in our region. If you approach a traffic signal with none of the signal lights working, you are required to STOP as if it was a four-way or all-way STOP controlled intersection. Be extremely cautious when approaching and maneuvering through an intersection with a dark traffic signal.

White Rock Milling and Paving Operations:

Milling is complete. Paving will continue in the following order: Ensenada, Delicado, Chiquita, Bandolina, Altura, Alhambra, Balboa, Sierra Vista, and Cañada Circle. Work hours will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. As the work approaches your street, please move all vehicles to off-street parking. Please note that work may be delayed in the case of mechanical failure or significant rain. Do not drive on the fresh pavement until the traffic control is removed as the pavement must cool before vehicles can drive on the fresh pavement. Please be aware of the additional construction traffic in your area and instruct children to stay away from all machinery.

Eastern Area 2 Concrete, Paving & Utility Project – Phase 2:

Please Note: Canyon Road between 15th and 9th Street is Closed to Through Traffic. Due to the significant amount of work and equipment in the roadway, non-resident motorists are asked to avoid the construction area and seek alternate routes.  

The slow moving “rolling” closure on Canyon Road between 15th and 9th continues as the contractor installs geo-tech fabric and places base course. Work is progressing from 15th Street and moving towards 9th Street. The contractor anticipates beginning paving operations on Canyon Road starting at 15th St. mid- to late-next week. Residential access in the immediate area will be provided; all other motorists should seek alternate routes. Residents can also expect continued daytime flagging operations with minor delays as the work progresses. Two-way traffic will be restored in this area in the evenings and weekends when work is not occurring.

15th remains closed between Oakwood north and Oakwood south for the installation of a utility vault on 15th Street. Sage north at 15th continues to be closed for the installation of a valley gutter; please use Sage south. Once Sage north is complete, the closure will move to Sage south for the installation of a valley gutter at that intersection. Trenching for utility work continues to progress south on 15th Street; expect continued lane closures with flagging operations and detours as work progresses through side street intersections.

Rim Road at Canyon should reopen early this week. The closure will then move to Quartz on Tuesday for the installation of a valley gutter, please use Rim.

Contractor should complete concrete work on Verde Ridge and Arroyo Lane early next week, reopening residential access to the parking stalls.

RMCI continues to use a 15-passenger van to transport pedestrians through the Canyon Road construction site. The van circulates every 5 to 7 minutes while RMCI is working, typically 7 a.m. to 5-7 p.m. depending on the job activity, Monday through Saturday. This service for pedestrians will continue until sidewalks are open on at least one side of Canyon. Each evening, RMCI will re-establish the pedestrian paths for use. The van route starts at 9th Street and Canyon Road continuing north on Canyon, making the Nugget, Opal and Piñon Loops. Pedestrians on Nugget, Opal, and Piñon Loops will be picked up in front of their residence. Additional stops include the Pine Street cul-de-sac and Quartz at 6th Street. The route will end at Canyon and 15th Street. The driver will then turn around and repeat the route in the opposite direction. Pedestrians are asked to use the van service provided.

Western Area Phase 1:

43rd remains closed to through traffic. Access to residences as well as services such as mail delivery, emergency services, and trash and recycling collection will be maintained. Residents are asked to maximize use of off-street parking. Any necessary on-street parking should be away from the active work zones. Work hours will be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with possible weekend work if necessary.

Cañada del Buey Multi-Use Trail Improvements:

The contractor continues to place concrete along Longview. Expect intermittent single lane closures with flagging operations during the concrete placement as the work progresses. Installation of the valley gutters at Park Lane and the private drive will be finished early next week. Please stay off freshly placed concrete until the barriers are removed.

Central Avenue:

County crews will be milling and replacing crosswalks in the downtown section of Central Avenue. Expect flagging operations with minor delays on Central Monday through Friday.

Canyon Glen Bridge Safety Attenuators:

County crews continue work on the installation of the new attenuators. Vehicular traffic will not be impacted; however, pedestrians are asked to use the provided pedestrian pathway.

Department of Public Utilities (DPU) Projects:

On East Rd in the vicinity of 457 East Road (Fire Station #6) DPU Contractor continues work behind shoulder traffic control and concrete barriers on both sides of the road. Directional boring across East Rd for two gas lines will upgrade and improve safety of  the East Park Gas Regulator Station.

Other Resources:

Construction updates are posted at each Friday explaining traffic control to be expected for the following week – link to News/The Cone Zone. Or, subscribe to The Cone Zone newsletter and receive automatic traffic updates via e-mail each week – just visit the “Newsletters” link on the home page and click on “The Cone Zone” subscribe box. Project updates are also available via newsletter subscription on the same page – sign up to receive news about projects that are of interest to you.



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