Compelling Reason NOT To Build LANL Bypass Road

This bear is spotted recently strolling along West Road. Photo by Andi Kron
Los Alamos
On an evening around sunset recently, I was enjoying a beautiful view and quiet stroll across Omega Bridge and then onto the trail behind the Research Park.
As usual, I like to take the trail behind the building rather than the noisier West Jemez Road. As I headed out of the trees and approached the intersection with West Road, I looked up and quite unexpectedly saw the cutest little bear–about 2 years old–wandering around the road in front of me. I stopped and took a few photos as it ambled back and forth across the road and then I watched it head down into the trees toward the canyon.
When I decided it wasn’t coming back, I continued on my way to where it had just been and then turned right onto West Road, heading down into Los Alamos Canyon, hoping to catch another glimpse of this beautiful creature. I walked out of the canyon on the Devaney Trail past the big water tank and then back to my home in the Western Area.
What an uplifting experience! I can’t think of a better reason NOT to build the LANL bypass road behind the Research Park. Does anyone–other than this cute little bear–agree with me?