Community Spotlight: Carmen Kramer Of Enterprise Bank & Trust

Carmen Kramer in her office last Thursday at Enterprise Bank & Trust in Los Alamos. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


Los Alamos Daily Post

Carmen Kramer arrived in Los Alamos in 2013 from Germany … by way of the Canary Islands, Copenhagen and Albuquerque.

Kramer was born in Kiel, a town of about 250,000 people, near Hamburg, Germany. She is the first child born to Georg and Ingrid Kramer and older sister to brother Carsten.

After finishing Office Clerk/Business School training in 1987, Kramer went to work in a small pump factory in Kiel until the travel bug bit her and she moved to the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa where she worked as a waitress. She eventually returned to Germany and met the man she married in 2000. The couple moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2001 where their son, Nikolai, was born in 2004. 

Kramer attended language school in Copenhagen for three years and worked in a college for educators just outside of Copenhagen. In 2007, she moved with her husband and son to Albuquerque.

“We wanted to be closer to the US side of the family,” Kramer said during an interview last Thursday at her office. “There I worked for Eclipse Avation and Satwest/SolStar and my daughter, Lauren, was born there in 2007.”

I was part of the payments team and my job was to work with customers covering online banking, debit cards, credit cards, you name it, which I truly loved,” Kramer said. “A year later I was promoted to the ACH team and found my new calling. Ever since I have enjoyed working in the ACH team, becoming certified as an ACH professional and being the lead contact for the majority of our business customers in Los Alamos and Whte Rock , Santa Fe and even in Albuquerque.” 

She began volunteering in the community starting in 2014 with the Holiday Lights Parade. 

“I was pretty much out at every event and because of that have gotten to know so many people … I really love it here in this quirky little town,” she said. In 2018, “I parted ways with my husband and through my volunteering at The Gifted Horse Inc. (equine therapy for special needs individuals) I re-discovered my passion for horseback riding and other outdoor activities like hiking and tennis.”

Kramer participated in months of training followed by rigorous testing and became certified as an Accredited ACH Professional, now carrying the AAP initials after her name. With the software conversion in 2016, she learned a whole new system.

“It was interesting to learn a new system from scratch,” she said. “I became what they call a subject matter expert. Out of that role I had full access to that system and worked with many business clients … I still run into them at the ski hill in winter and the summer concerts and many social events and it’s so great to see them.”

With the LANB Enterprise merger in May, Kramer became a Treasury Management Support Specialist.

“It’s back office work that entails enabling features in the system what customers need access to, such as payroll and other payments, and is passed on to the Treasury Management Support Team and we take care of those needs,” she said.

While she misses working directly with clients, she said she knows her new job makes a difference.

“I do know I am helping our clients out when their ACH needs to be set up or new accounts or bill pay and other things like that,” Kramer said.

Kramer spoke about the importance of the people she works with every day.

“We have worked so closely together through the 2016 conversion and became a close-knit team,” she said. “Now  the Los Alamos team working with our Enterprise team St. Louis … they have been so patient with us as we learn this new system. They have been great to work with and we know with the merger they have extra work, which we hope to be able to help with once we are fully trained.”

Enterprise Bank & Trust President – Los Alamos Region Liddie Martinez has known Kramer for several years at the bank.

“Carmen is an outstanding employee who delivers exemplary customer service to every customer she comes into contact with in  She takes the time to listen the customer and is quick to craft workable solutions,” Martinez said. “Carmen also is an active member of our Community Outreach Team, focused on community engagement and volunteer service in Los Alamos County. Carmen exemplifies Enterprise Bank & Trust’s commitment to support initiatives that improve our communities.”

In her free time, Kramer said she loves to hike and ski. She is a member of The American Business Women’s Association La Luz Chapter.