Community Packs Ambassador Huddleston’s Talk

This is a pic from  the AAUW talk tonight. The library was packed. More chairs had to be brought in!! Will send you via email some info that you can out with the pic if you want to. Ambassador Vicki Huddleston presents, ‘Our Woman in Havana’, Tuesday evening to an overflow crowd  at Mesa Library. Several of the women and men in the audience are Cuban Americans. In her talk sponsored by the American Association of University Women, Ambassador Vicki Huddleston discusses the political  realities of the relationship between various U.S. presidents and the United State’s relationship with Cuba. She stressed that she was the Ambassador ‘in’ Cuba not the Ambassador ‘to’ Cuba. She explains to the AAUW crowd how she feels that an open relationship with Cuba is beneficial to the United States, which is somewhat in jeopardy because most Cuban Americans do not want that to occur, and since they overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for president, they want him to undo President Obama’s measures to open Cuba. Courtesy photo