Community Invited to ‘Satch Cowan Trail’ Dedication



Residents are invited to attend the dedication ceremony for the new “Satch Cowan Trail” at 11 a.m. Monday, Oct. 22 at the trailhead near the existing Quemazon Trail in Western Area.

The new trail — with construction led by the County’s Open Space Specialist Craig Martin, local trails volunteers, and fifth-grade students from Mountain Elementary School — parallels portions of the existing Quemazon trail near the canyon edge.

Prior to improvements, the trail had already been in existence and hiked for years as a “social trail.”

Now, the Satch Cowan Trail will offer a double rim trail for hikers using the popular Quemazon trails network.

With Monday’s dedication, the County will officially incorporate the Satch Cowan Trail into its open trails network system and update its trails maps.

The County Council approved the naming of the trail after Satch Cowan, a local resident and avid hiker, in response to a petition brought forward last Spring after meeting Charter requirements for naming a County facility (in this case, a trail) after a deceased individual.

The petitioners have contributed up to $7,000 toward the creation of the trail, signage, markers and information about Cowan, using private donations from a memorial fund.

The Quemazon trails guide is being updated to include the new trail and information about Satch Cowan.

Refreshments will be served immediately following the dedication, and then guests will be invited to hike the new trail.

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