Community Invited To Meetings On Improving Schools

LAPS News:

The community is invited to join a weekly conversation about education in Los Alamos.

Seventeen people attended the first ever Coffee Klatch about education in Los Alamos, May 11 including Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus.

“It is clear that students, parents and local leaders in Los Alamos care deeply about education,” Steinhaus said.

He added that this first Coffee Klatch accomplished at least three important things:

  • We observed the community’s support for continuous improvement in our schools;
  • People in Los Alamos want to participate in these weekly conversations about education; and
  • Participants were able to share research and firsthand knowledge about what they know about teaching and learning. 

“Community support for education in Los Alamos is greatly appreciated,” Steinhaus said.

According to Los Alamos High School Librarian Ken Holmes, people who attended had a very engaging conversation. Holmes plans to send weekly announcements that include suggested readings or videos to review before each gathering.

The group talked about how the schools can do a better job giving students a better learning experience regardless of their learning style, how to implement positive changes in our educational model while still maintaining the elements of the school system that are working well, how to incorporate project-based learning where several teachers work together. Holmes said,

“It was a really successful discussion about the issues that we face while rethinking education,” he said.

The group had an important reason for holding this meeting, and planning a series of similar meetings over the next couple of months. They have been working on an initiative called the Odyssey Academy. The Los Alamos Odyssey Academy Team is reaching out to the community to get more input. Educators, parents, students, community members are all invited to these weekly discussions that will take place on the outdoor patio at Smith’s Marketplace (weather permitting). The next meeting is 4 p.m. Wednesday, May 18.

There are several ways to get involved: