Community Asset Awards Pride In A Pandemic: LAMC Nurse Constance Carruthers And Dr. Patricia Mahoney Recognized

LAMC Nurse Constance Carruthers recognized with Community Asset Award. Courtesy photo

C’YA Executive Director

During a time when the world seemed to be melting down the staff at Los Alamos Medical Center was stepping up and working hard. Their efforts have led to being nominated for a Community Asset Award.

Two individuals stood out and are receiving special recognition:

  • Nurse Constance Carruthers; and
  • Dr. Patricia Mahoney.

“I love how nursing is part physical, part intellectual, I am learning something new most days,” Carruthers said. “Add the new patients and their families you meet and it’s a very stimulating environment. Nursing provides a secure career that allows me to provide for my family. I love being a nurse and contributing in my own small personal way.”

Following in the fine footsteps of her mother, an ICU nurse now 28 years into her career, Carruthers finds herself part of a team battling a global pandemic.

“Connie Carruthers is an experienced, compassionate and intelligent registered nurse who is an amazing part of our care team,” Chief Nursing Officer Julie Ward said.

Good nurses usually work for good doctors and Dr. Mahoney was the perfect person for the worst possible time. This traveling doctor had arrived in Los Alamos for the holidays with her family. One Los Alamos resident (who nominated Dr. Mahoney for an asset award) just wasn’t feeling right and was convinced by a family member to head to LAMC for safety sake. Good thing she did because had she waited until morning the outcome may have been grim.

Here the nominator describes the anxiety as she awaited the verdict:

“Enter an amazing lady called Dr. Mahoney. I knew from the moment I met her that things were going to be alright. She was serious, explained everything, but had orange hair and was jolly! It’s hard to explain but I liked her from the second we met.”

Dr. Mahoney saved the day and the patient who is a valued community member.

LAMC CEO John Whiteside had lots to say about the nominee.

“We have been blessed to have outstanding surgeons here at LAMC. Dr. Mahoney helps cover emergent surgical needs for the community with Dr. Green,” Whiteside said. “Her dedication and skill keeps to our ethos of ‘keeping out community healthy’.”

The hospital, like many local businesses and organizations has too many heroes that deserve community thanks and recognition. Champions of Youth Ambitions, (C’YA) is happy to recognize just a few. To nominate someone for 2021, visit the C’YA website.