Column: Homecoming Havoc

Photo: Annika Bronkhorst

By Sopahn Kellogg
LAHS Sophomore

With the Los Alamos High School Homecoming Dance just around the corner, the Homecoming Committee is putting on the final touches and working out some last minute kinks. The dance is Saturday, Sept. 22.

Annika Bronkhorst, a sophomore this year and part of the Homecoming Committee, talked to the Los Alamos Daily Post to provide insight on the happenings of the Homecoming setup.

When asked about what was the most difficult part of getting Homecoming off the ground, Bronkhorst said, “Definitely I would say the shopping. It’s really hard to just like schedule it with everyone’s plans and everything.”

Aside from having decoration shopping issues this year, the Homecoming Committee had to decide where the dance was going to be held.

Rumors circulated that the Commons Area of the new building at the high school was going to be used as the dance space and there was concern about the limited number of tickets that could be sold for such a small space.

Unperturbed by the rumors, Bronkorst answered quite assuredly, “the dance was going to be held in Griffith Gymnasium,” and the amount of the tickets would be the same as last year’s event so everyone could attend.

Crossing her fingers and hoping for the best, Bronkorst said that she believes that this Homecoming will run without a hitch and make for a fun and memorable dance for all.

Alas, this was not accurate; having asked Bronkorst the following day to confirm whether the information was correct, she grudgingly answered that the Homecoming Dance will be held in the lobby area outside the library and not the gym.

However, the number of tickets available will remain the same as last year, so everyone can get in and have an enjoyable Homecoming Dance experience.

Editor’s Note: Sopahn Kellogg is a new intern at the Los Alamos Daily Post. She is a sophmore and cheerleader at Los Alamos High School. Her columns focus on the happenings at  LAHS.

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