Column: Home Matters With Sarah

Home Matters With Sarah

“Home is where the heart is.” We hear so much about taking care of our heart; eating right, exercise, reduce stress, Omega 3 vitamins and the list goes on. But, if home is where the heart is, why don’t we hear about taking care of our home? After all, homes are the heart of family.

Taking care of our homes is more than housekeeping, maintenance and decorating. It is also making sure you have knowledge of “how” to own a home. Do you have the best financing available to you, do you understand your homeowner’s insurance policy, do you know how your property is valued, and do you understand how a mortgage loan works and the best way to get one. There are so many things to think about when you are a homeowner, prospective buyer or seller.

Home Matters is about buying, selling and owning a home. It is about taking care of your home from financing, taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance, housekeeping and decorating tips and perhaps a few other things thrown in.

I invite you to join me each month in Home Matters to learn more about owning a home. Each month, I will help you improve the health of your current home, or if you are not a home owner yet, I will help you start your journey to homeownership. If you are planning to sell a home in the future, not worry, I will have helpful information for you, too.

Cheers to a healthy home.

Sarah Hosford-Campbell is a mortgage loan officer with SecurityNational Mortgage. Feel free to contact her to suggest home ownership topics. She can be reached at

Prior to joining SecurityNational Mortgage, Sarah was a loan officer and department manager at Del Norte Credit Union and Los Alamos National Bank. Sarah has over 12 years’ experience in mortgage lending, specifically in Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico.

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