Column: God’s Power in the Midst of Change

God’s Power in the Midst of Change

As limbo sets in at Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church, sadness looms over us all as our beloved Fr. Colin Kelly has left his pastoral role. The uncertainty of not knowing who will take his place is difficult, both for the congregation and the remaining priests.

However, we recognize God’s power in the midst of change, which is the topic of Mother Alicia’s homily at our contemporary worship service (also called Generations) at 6:07 p.m. this coming Sunday, May 26. This service uses upbeat music and short videos to compliment the teaching and gospel, preceded with a wonderful free dinner prepared by Marilyn and Paul Lisowski at 5:15 pm in Kelly Hall.

The homily topic helps us realize God’s power, giving us a trust with His Grace to guide our Selection Committee and the Vestry to choose the best new pastor for our church. We believe we are going in the direction of God’s will for TOTH. Although much change can be seen, we pray that any coming our way will help everyone to be strong in themselves and with God. One way is through Generations.

This service started more than 13 years ago, with Sue Ellen Kelly as founder. With this gift to which God called her, she gladly spread the joy of God’s goodness. New leadership brings continued hope to Generations as Lisa Rothrock takes the helm. Many parishioners praised our last Generations service, as Fr. Kelly and Sue Ellen said farewell May 12, 2013.  

Generations continues to celebrate with our congregation in worshiping God in the same style of the Kellys—but with new ideas and direction. With the change in leadership, both for the church and this service, we encourage you to come to listen to God’s Word in music through our contemporary service and in scripture with Mother Alicia Pope. We welcome all ages to our loving congregation, and we include free daycare (which is available during the service.)

Our Generations band consists of teens and older members, all working together to produce loving music for the soul. Jennifer Griffin and Lisa-Jo Dunham assist with vocal guidance for the singers, who include themselves, Lisa Rothrock and Katie Weinland. Joe Fawcett heads the instrumental members of the band, including Jason Osborn, Olivia Snyder, and Joash and Jeolary Inoferio. Mark Hartman controls the audio. And Maryann Blackhart heads the visuals and projection, with April Osborn assisting. You may know us in person or just by name. We are all family with room to grow. Please come to join us and grow with us.

Generations starts at 6:07 p.m. every second and fourth Sunday of the month, with dinner preceding at 5:15 p.m. in Kelly Hall. Our special summer schedule provides services June 9 and July 14 only. We resume our regular schedule in August. We hope great joy will touch you as you listen to our words of praise. So please come and Rock the House of God with us.

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