Column: Forums Are Important to Good Governance

By Carl Newton

After attending a Council candidates forum at the Betty Ehart Senior Center last week, I became aware of the extraordinary talents and dedication of the six who are on the ballot.

I also learned something more. When a candidate chooses to run without donations and mimics a good humor man, and seemingly enjoying his candidacy tremendously, that listening to his responses in a forum provides one of the best ways of judging him as a candidate.

I learned that he has outstanding credentials for being a councilor, as well as excellent judgment for decision making.

I know that each of the political parties seeks to run strong candidates, and they often work hard on behalf of our community to find them, and then to provide the support they may need for successful campaigns.

The party leaders are to be commended for their efforts on behalf of our community. One way to show appreciation for their efforts is to turnout for the forums.

The League of Women Voters is a strictly non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting good governance through various education contributions, forums being one such.

I urge everyone to make it a priority to attend each of their forums, starting with the one Thursday night. See their posting on the right side of the Los Alamos Daily Post front page.

One other thing that I learned while attending the BESC candidate forum: If I want to vote for candidates that I can trust to provide the best governance, name recognition only is probably the least reliable way to make my decision.

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