Column: Eyesight is Precious … Don’t Risk Losing It!

By LISA SHIN, Optometrist
Los Alamos Family Eyecare, P.C.

Online shopping has truly revolutionized the way we purchase things. Indeed, many of us prefer online shopping to in-store shopping. Now, coming to a theater near you, the first online eye exam that gives you a prescription! This is where the lure of “cheap and convenient” is a disaster waiting to happen.

Recently, I had a patient come in for an eye examination with no vision changes or complaints. I dilated the eyes for a full view of the retina and found retinal holes with underlying fluid. Prompt treatment by a retinal surgeon prevented severe vision loss. Many eye diseases have no symptoms, but early intervention can prevent permanent eye damage and blindness. Contact lenses can compromise the health of your eyes and should not be worn without yearly evaluation.  

Many conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases, first show up in the eye. Evaluation of eye health takes time and care via physical examination. Online questionnaires, Skype interactions, automated instruments, and Iphone apps alone are inadequate.

For quality eyewear, you need an experienced optician who can take several measurements, customize glasses to your visual needs and lifestyle, verify their accuracy, and troubleshoot any problems. Vistakon, the maker of Oasys contact lenses, just announced their “unilateral pricing agreement” where you will receive the same pricing through all online companies, 1-800-contacts, and at our office. At Los Alamos Family Eyecare, our goal is to give you the best vision possible and take care of your eye health. We don’t want you to “go online” when it comes to your eyes!

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