Column: Easter Challenge

Easter Challenge
Over the past week God has put something on my heart and I can’t seem to get it out of my mind.
It is a burning desire and it takes up every moment of my thoughts.
I think He has been telling me to spread the good news and truth about Easter.
Last week I made a tract that tells the true meaning of Easter and contains the gospel.
I have made more than 400 copies and have been passing them out to people. But this is not enough.
What if we could get 3,000 people to read the gospel message before Easter?
Then I started to think. What if we challenged each member of our churches to just pass out 10 of them before Easter?
If just 400 people agreed that means that 4,000 people in El Paso could read the gospel truth. What if we could get more? What if God wants to do something big this Easter?
Eleven people really believed and through the Spirit of God they changed the world. They turned it upside down.
What if the people at your church challenged another believer in another church to hand out ten? What if we challenged other churches to do the same?
The amount of people we reach with the gospel would be exponential. Could God reach hundreds of thousands with his truth if we all worked together?
Easter Tract:
Easter is not about bunnies. Easter is not about religion or our family traditions. Easter is not about what church you’re going to on Sunday.
Easter is about Jesus the Messiah … Easter is about life … 2,000 years ago God took on human flesh in the person of Jesus of Nazareth in order to rescue us from ourselves.
The Bible teaches that we are all sick and that we come from a flawed blood line. The blood born sickness we are all born with is called sin, you have probably heard of it.
The word sin comes from a Greek word that just means, “to miss the mark of what God has planned for our lives.”
Sin destroys individuals, families and marriages. Sin creates an emptiness in our life and we spend most of our time trying to fill it. But we can only fill it temporarily before we feel empty again.
We fill it with things like hobbies, work, alcohol, partying, family etc. … but that’s not the cure.
Christ’s blood was perfect, and it is Christ’s blood that is the cure. Christ offered Himself as a sacrifice and came back to Life, so that we too can also die to our old selves and be brought back into the fullness of life that God wants us to have.
He alone can fill the void and save us from ourselves. Church can’t save you, religion can’t save you, family traditions can’t save you.
Only the blood of a perfect spotless lamb can cure the sin that destroys us. Only Jesus. Easter is not only about what happened 2,000 years ago, but it’s about the life that is offered to us right now.
Because of what He has done, we all have the opportunity to come from death to life. You can receive this gift of life by simply asking Christ to be your Savior. 
In the stillness of your heart, just pray. (want to know more?
Bunnies don’t even lay eggs … Believe … Read … Pray … Live for Him.
May God richly bless this world.
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