Column: Avoid These Three Mistakes When Setting New Year’s Resolutions

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Avoid These Three Mistakes When Setting New Year’s Resolutions

Polls show that one quarter of people who set New Year’s Resolutions drop their efforts by the end of the first week. This figure rises to a third by the end of the first month and is over half at the conclusion of six months. Not very promising statistics, especially since many resolutions are set to improve health. Losing weight tops the list as the most common resolution almost every year.

As a wellness coach, I work with clients to make positive lifestyle and behavior changes through progressive goals that bring them closer to living their personal vision of optimal wellness. Many of the mistakes my clients make in executing their goals are the same ones people make with New Year’s Resolutions.

Mistake 1: Focusing Only on the Outcome

Weight loss is an outcome, a result. Setting a resolution to lose weight only states what you want and gives no information on how to achieve it. Outcomes need to be supported by actions. Resolutions for exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress are needed to support an outcome of less pounds.

Mistake 2: Unclear Motivation

Why are you setting this resolution? Does it feel like a “should”? Do you feel obligated because someone told you to or it seems like the right thing to do? Or is this desire coming from within you, and it is something you really “want”? Changes driven by internal motivation, a “want”  are much more likely to succeed than those placed upon us from external sources, a “should”.

Mistake 3: No Accountability

It’s often easier to let ourselves and our priorities slide than the commitments we make to others. Consequently, when we try to break bad habits alone we are more likely to give up when things get difficult. Having support is critical for achieving your resolutions. Tell people what you are doing, write it down and track your progress or find a buddy or group to keep you on track.

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