College Care Packages Support Educational Travel For LAHS Seniors


Send your college student a College Care Package from Los Alamos and support educational travel for 2016 seniors.

To raise funds for their summer tour, Europe 2016, travelers are putting together personalized packages again filled with gifts from home for happy college students.

For $30, Europe 2016 travelers will fill a College Care Package with treats (homemade cookies, candy, hot chocolate, tea; school supplies (sticky notes, pens, pencils); personal items (razors, toothbrushes, tissues); local fare (red and green chile); Halloween surprises (candy corn, pumpkin-related gifts), and hand-written notes from home.

To order, send an email with your college student’s name and address, along with any food restrictions or requests to Europe 2016 Group Leader, Lynn Ovaska at by noon Tuesday, Oct. 27. Packages will be mailed that afternoon. Checks should be made payable to Europe 2016.

The College Care Packages are just the beginning of the fundraising for this year’s educational tour for graduating seniors. Europe 2016 travelers will be exploring Spain, France and Italy next June. They look forward to sharing excitement about their educational tour in the upcoming months as they sell their tasty bags of Fair Trade, organic coffee around town.

Earnings will help the group visit cultural and historical sites along the Mediterranean Sea, including the Prado Museum, La Sagrada Familia, Carcassonne, Nice, Pisa, Assisi, St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Colosseum and Pompeii. As with past tours, the goal of Europe 2016 is to expand the world view of young adults before they head off to college. 

“By experiencing new cultures first-hand and history usually only learned in textbooks, these 2016 graduates will develop skills to be global citizens and independent adults,” Ovaska said.

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