Clerk Selects Ballot Order For Candidates

Candidates, supporters and County staff in the Clerk’s Office just after 5 p.m. as County Clerk Sharon Stover draws names to determine each candidate’s position on the Ballot. Photo by Carol A. Clark/


Ballot placement for June 3 Primary Election:

County Council Democratic Candidates:

1 – Edward R. Birnbaum

2 – Michael D. Redondo

3 – David Izraelevitz

4 – Andrea S. Cunningham

5 – Mary Susan O’Leary

County Council Republican Candidates:

1 – James T. Chrobocinski

2 – John L. Bliss

3 – Billy J. McKerley

4 – Rick L. Reiss

County Assessor Democratic Candidate – Kenneth H. Milder

County Assessor Republican Candidate – Abraham C. Dispennette

County Sheriff Democratic Candidate – Marco Valentine Lucero (Incumbent)

County Sheriff Republican Candidate – Jaret J. McDonald

Probate Judge Democratic Candidate – Christine Chandler

Magistrate Judge Democratic Candidate – Pat A. Casados (Incumbent)

Magistrate Judge Republican Candidate – Blair M. Redmond

Municipal Judge Democratic Candidate – Paul A. Martinez

Municipal Judge Republican Candidate – Alan S. Kirk (Incumbent)