Citizens For Good Government Roll Out Website


John C. Hopkins, Chair of Citizens for Good Government and former Chair of the Los Alamos Charter Review Committee, today announced that CFGG has launched a website to provide citizens with important information about the two Los Alamos County Charter questions that are on this year’s general election ballot.  

Question 1 on the ballot relates to the structure of county government – it clarifies the role and authorities of the Council Chair; it also proposes to change the title of the County Administrator to County Manager to be consistent with all other counties in New Mexico.  

Question 2 addresses Article V of the Charter. The proposed Article V amendments address ambiguous and poorly structured language; introduce mechanisms for improving communication between the utility department and the rest of county government, resolving disputes between the Board of Public Utilities and the Council, and better align the county-owned utility business with elected officials and citizens.  

These ballot questions are the last in a series of ballot measures that the voters will be asked to consider.  The voters approved earlier Charter amendments in 2010 and 2012. 

Hopkins said that “these amendments represent the thorough and thoughtful work of dedicated volunteers. It is important that the community have a Charter that meets current needs and future challenges. These amendments do just that.”

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