Citizen Petition On Trapping Presented To Council

Vint Miller of Los Alamos presented a petition during public comment at tonight’s County Council meeting in Council Chambers to request that an ordinance be drafted to prohibit animal traps from being placed within the County. Miller brought a sample of a trap hidden just off a local hiking trail a few weeks ago that injured a friend’s dog. He brought along a PVC pipe crushed by the same trap, saying it could have been a small child that stepped into that trap. Councilor Fran Berting asked County staff that Miller’s request be placed on an upcoming Council agenda. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Seated from left, Debbi Miller and Dave and Terry Dubois listen as Vint Miller describes to Council how a trap like the one he is holding injured the Dubois’ dog when the two couples were out for a hike up Chupadera Mesa in Los Alamos County on the north side of Guaje Canyon a few weeks ago. Miller indicated that the end of the white PVC pipe on the floor behind him was crushed by the same trap. Link to video on how to release a leg-hold trap: Link to state code on trapping: Photo by Carol A. Clark/