CIR: Tickets Available For Journalism Under Fire

Santa Fe Council on International Relations
Executive Director

The Santa Fe COuncil on INternational Relation (CIR) has annouced that tickets for Journalism under Fire are now on sale with early bird ticket available until Oct. 15. All tickets are available here; a conference website (which is being added to) is available here.

Essential to Journalism under Fire is the participation of New Mexico journalists and New Mexico students. The 50+ journalists coming through the State Department create a unique opportunity for a global-local industry meeting, and CIR wants to ensure as many local journalists and students as possible can take advantage of this. Most are unable to afford the cost of the event, so CIR has set up a donation button on the ticketing website so that people can help make this learning-and-exchange dynamic an exciting reality.

Every penny raised through this will subsidize their participation. And even better, every donor who contributes $250 or more will receive an invitation to a special VIP event Wednesday, Dec. 5. Support your local journalists to attend Journalism under Fire today.

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