Christopher Davis Of White Rock Back In Jail Facing Charges Of Violating Terms Of His Release

Christopher W. Davis
Los Alamos Daily Post

A 25-year-old White Rock man facing charges in two states involving alleged sexual offenses against children is in custody at the Los Alamos County Detention Center. Police arrested Christopher W. Davis Jan. 26 on an outstanding warrant from the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General. A cash bond of $50,000 has been set.

A motion filed by Assistant Attorney General Anthony W. Long in the First Judicial District Court claims that Davis violated the terms of his release and asks the court to revoke those conditions, which included no Internet access and no contact with anyone under the age of 18.

Long’s motion alleges that Davis is facing 11 counts of criminal sexual penetration of a minor, five counts of criminal sexual communication of a minor, four counts of child solicitation by an electronic device, and one count of sexual exploitation of children by manufacture in New Mexico. It also states that Davis is “facing a similar charge to New Mexico’s Child Solicitation by Electronic Device” in Minnesota. These charges were filed in 2014 and Davis has yet to go to trial. The District Court calendar shows a plea conference scheduled for Feb. 17.

The current alleged violation of conditions of release cited in the motion was identified following a Jan. 10 call from an officer with the St. Peters Police Department in Missouri to Los Alamos Police Det. Matt Lyon with information he had received from an 18-year-old male who wished to remain anonymous.

“The anonymous 18-year-old male had been playing an online game in which he was posing as a 16-year-old female by the name of Katie Delashmit. This fake online persona attracted the attention of the defendant,” the motion states.

The motion continues, “Over the holidays, the anonymous 18-year-old male received a package from the defendant. Inside the package was a doll, a bracelet and a handwritten note from the defendant”. The officer in Missouri photographed the package and its contents and sent them to Lyon.

“Even though the anonymous male is 18, the defendant’s intent is clear. Although this behavior is not illegal, it is very much in violation of this Court’s orders,” the motion states.

The motion filed Jan. 26 is the fourth motion to revoke conditions of release filed since Davis was first arrested in June 2014. A call to Davis’s attorney, Dorie Biagianti Smith’s office in Santa Fe received no response and an employee at her office stated that Smith does not speak to the press.