Chiravalle: New Mexico Needs to be More Business Friendly

New Mexico Needs to be More Business Friendly

Candidate for State Representative, Dist. 43

I hear the owners of businesses of New Mexico District 43 echoing the same message, “I am a small business person who is over taxed and over regulated.”

Small businesses are the innovation centers of our communities and the engines of our economy. However, Democratic leadership in our state legislature has not produced the results needed to move New Mexico businesses forward.

Politicians do not create jobs they often create obstacles. Seven out of every ten jobs are created by small businesses, but government is strangling business growth by overburdening them with mandates and regulations that are hurting our economy and the job market.

To get our economy moving and creating jobs, government simply must get out of the way of the job creators. We must repeal destructive obstacles imposed by ineffective regulations and make New Mexico more business friendly by supporting laws that promote free enterprise and encourage individual initiative for economic growth and prosperity.

We need to advance policies in the legislature that will lower the tax rate, simplify business regulations and reduce the paperwork required to set up a business. Every dollar spent on satisfying regulations is a dollar that cannot go to buying more equipment, hiring more workers or giving raises.

We must reduce the barriers so entrepreneurs can succeed in creating jobs that will raise New Mexico’s incomes and increase our quality of life.

In addition we must grow our most productive industries, ranching, agriculture, oil and gas that employ the hard-working men and women of our state. When government gets out of the way, we can compete and win in any industry.

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