Chinese Brush Painting Workshop This Weekend

Plum blossom and butterfly. By Ming Franz
ART News:
Watercolor enthusiasts, find your artistic Zen in a Chinese Brush Painting Workshop this weekend, Nov. 14-15, at Fuller Lodge Art Center.
The two day class will be taught by Ming Franz, a world renowned artists who teaches throughout the United States.
She has worked with Chinese brush painting for more than 50 years, since she began her studies as a young child in Taiwan.
Franz attended the Art Institute if Taiwan before immigrating to the United States in the early ’70s. For the first few years in this country she studied and taught at community colleges, and ultimately began teaching workshops.
Today she teaches both beginner Chinese brush painting and splash painting, a style she developed out of brush painting.
Chinese brush painting is based on “Six Canons of Painting” written in the 5th Century A.D. by Hsieh Ho. These canons are:
  • Circulation of the Ch’i: Breath, spirit and the vital force of heaven produce movement of life, found in the heart of the artist.
  • Brush stroke creates structure: The stronger the brush work, the stronger the painting. This is referred to as the bone structure of the painting.
  • According to the object, draw its form: The more you study the object to be painted, the better you will paint it.
  • According to the nature of the object apply color: Black is considered a color and the range of its shadings creates an impression of colors.
  • Organize compositions with the elements in their proper place: Space is integral part of the composition.
  • In copying, seek to pass on the essence of the master’s brush & methods: Only when the student learns the time honored techniques of copying can he branch out into areas of individual creativity.
Beginner Chinese Brush painting will meet from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m., on both​ Saturday and Sunday Nov. 14-15 at the Art Center.
Franz will teach ink and wash painting in a freehand style. She will guide students step by step in brush techniques and strokes, mixing colors on the brush, structural composition and methods of expression.
Tuition for the class is $120, and another $35 supply fees paid to the instructor for the materials:
Chinese black (or Sumi-e) ink, Asian flow brush, felt cloth, rice paper and watercolor paint.
To register for the class call Fuller Lodge Art Center at 505.662.1635. To learn more about Franz visit her website.
In Chinese brush painting, black is considered a color. ‘Bamboo’ by Ming Franz displays several different shades of black. By Ming Franz
Chrysanthemum. By Ming Franz