China Moon Undergoes Renovation – Reopens Tuesday

China Moon Restaurant in Central Park Square at 15th Street and Central Avenue is undergoing a major renovation this evening and the owners intend to open for lunch Tuesday. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

It appears this team plans to pull an all nighter to get China Moon ready for tomorrow’s lunch crowd. From left, China Moon co-owner Sally Saisa Rrzig, Humberto Zubia, co-owner Ziggy Rrzig and Lupe Cruz. The Rrzig’s took over China Moon last year after Sally’s father retired. She has lived in Los Alamos for some 20 years and together with her husband also owns three other restaraunts including the Pyramid Restaraunt in Mari Mac shopping center, the Pyramid in Santa Fe and Omira Grill in Santa Fe. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Workers are busy this evening assembling new booths and tables in preparation for Tuesday’s reopening at lunchtime. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Bases waiting for new table tops. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

New flooring installed at China Moon. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

New booths under assembly. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

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