Chartwells Team Gears Up For Back To School

Chef Mia Holsapple
Chef Mia Holsapple and her Chartwells team have been working all summer long to feed community youth and are gearing up, for a new school year.
As the school year came to a close, Holsapple worked with the LAPS Administration to secure funds through the Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD), for the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).
The beauty of the program was that the service provided free lunch and snacks for any student under the age of 18. The ease of needing no income eligibility to apply, but just show up and eat, allowed Aspen Elementary School to host up to 300 meals a day with special grilling days on Fridays.
“We have received great feedback from parents and the community,” Holsapple said. “We have regular families that come every day for lunch.”
Holsapple explained how many would not even realize that we have community members that have a need, no matter how small. “We as members of this community need to serve that need.”
The team is already working on events for the new school year, as staff prepare to return, open houses already on the agenda and plans are underway to bake lots of cookies, for those open house events.
“We will have an improved coffee bar at the high school, which will include iced and hot flavored coffees and teas,” Holsapple said. “We are also working on getting smoothies online at both the middle and high school through Island Oasis, which promotes V8 products in their smoothies.”
Holsapple is always open to try new things and is available by phone and email for parents for constant feedback.
Monthly newsletters are an effort to increase communication from information on Taco Tuesdays to promoting student and staff accomplishments throughout the year.
Chartwells reminds parents that all balances, both positive and negative carry over from year to year. Those balances also travel with students as they move to a new school in the district. Parents and community members that would like to assist students in need throughout the year are welcome to work with Holsapple.
Chartwells can make arrangements to assist students at a particular school or just needy students in general. Holsapple, the Director of Food Services, can be reached via email at or by calling or texting her at 409.877.3911.
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