Chartwells: Free Food At Aspen June 10-Aug. 3

Los Alamos

Chef Laurence Pena, hopes to demonstrate love through service during the summer, to the young people of our community and it all begins Monday.

Aspen Elementary School will be the home of free food, for children under the age of 18, with the help of Chartwells Food Services.

Chartwells provides year-long service to LAPS, and will launch the second annual Summer Food Service Program, Monday through Friday, with some new things in store. The daily opportunity also will include an option for parents to purchase a meal for just $5.

“I want to have Chartwells more involved in our small community and will make sure we are more active in our efforts,” Chartwells Chef Laurence Pena said. “Anyone 18 and under can receive a free hot lunch and a healthy snack from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.”

That offer also welcomes any youth visiting our community, during the summer.

Pena, will be on site daily with his team, at the home of the Tigers, to ensure compliance and a focus on the quality and service of his products. The extra focus is an addition, due to the fact that the program has evolved this year to offer a free, daily hot lunch and not the traditional grab and go sack lunch. The team is preparing for Monday and dedicated to ensuring continuity. The program will be in place Monday through Friday and continues through Aug. 3.

“This summer we are doing a hot lunch, last year we had a sack lunch,” Pena said. “The menu, when we can, will mirror our new 4-week cycle menu. We are hard-working and dedicated to ensuring the children who eat with us are given the best possible choices available.” 

The SFSP (Sumer Food Service Program) works with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), through funds provided for the state, to Los Alamos Public Schools. Laurence Pena, who is also the Director of Dining Services, for all of Los Alamos Public Schools, is available by calling 505.690.8546 or by email at