Chart 645: Los Alamos Only New Mexico County With More COVID-19 Diagnoses In 2022 Than 2020-2021 Combined

This scatter plot shows the number of COVID-19 diagnoses per 10 people in 2022 compared with the corresponding number for the years 2020 and 2021 (combined) for each county in New Mexico. Statewide and countywide numbers are highlighted in red. Statewide, the number of diagnoses in 2022 is about half that of 2020-2021. In Los Alamos County, the number of diagnoses in 2022 is about double that of 2020-2021. Los Alamos is the only New Mexico county displaying such a pattern. Also shown in purple is the trendline. Source: New Mexico Department of Health. Created by Eli Ben-Naim
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