Chapter BC. P.E.O. Donates Compassion; Fruit To LA Cares

Los Alamos Chapter BC, P.E.O. officers Sue Bombardt, Beth Riker and Diana Little present fruit to LA Cares. P.E.O. International promotes post-high school education for women through grants and scholarships. Linda Burns has served for 23 years as secretary of LA Cares, the food pantry for needy residents of Los Alamos County. Burns also is a Los Alamos Living Treasure and an active member of Chapter BC. Years ago, this P.E.O. chapter made the compassionate decision not to exchange holiday gifts, but rather to contribute to LA Cares. Annually, chapter members brought bags of non-perishable food items to the luncheon, filling the entire bed of a Toyota pickup. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic sanctions, members could not meet for their annual holiday luncheon last December and agreed to make individual contributions to LA Cares. Courtesy photo