Chandler: I Am Committed To Working For The Community

Democratic Candidate
Los Alamos County Council
The community faces many exciting opportunities to move us forward. We are also confronting a number of challenges that will impact the town for decades to come. I have a wealth of experience from which I can draw that will help the Council address these challenges as they arise.
I have previously served as a County Councilor as well as Council Chair and Vice Chair. My active volunteerism spans more than 20 years of living and working here. I currently serve on the boards of the First Born Program of Los Alamos, the Delle Foundation and the Los Alamos Family YMCA.
Past service includes the Los Alamos Schools Foundation (founding member of the Board), the Los Alamos League of Women Voters Board President, the Los Alamos Charter Review Committee (1995 and 2010) and the Los Alamos Planning & Zoning Commission.
This experience with a variety of organizations has taught me an important lesson that I bring back to the Council: the importance of recognizing and respecting the roles and the boundaries of the governing body and the executive or management of an organization. I believe these have deteriorated recently and that county government will benefit from a fresh look at these important features.
Although the community is small, often it is faced with complex problems that arise from its relationship with the federal government. I was a lawyer at Los Alamos National Laboratory for more than twenty-five years, ten of which I was a group leader. Understanding the connection and knowing how to navigate between the County, the County Utility Department, the Laboratory and National Nuclear Security Agency is critical.
The State of New Mexico also plays an increasing prominent role in County governmental affairs. For the past three legislative sessions, I worked as a legislative analyst for the Senate Judiciary Committee. This experience has broadened my understanding of state government, and given me the opportunity to develop relationships with state government staff and legislators. This knowledge and these contacts will be invaluable when Los Alamos looks to the State for funding or other support.
My husband George and I live in Eastern Area with our two adopted shelter dogs, Sophie and Gracie. We have a son and daughter-in- law who live in White Rock, and our grandchildren attend the public schools. Our desire for a strong future is real. If elected, I will work for the community by working for you. I respectfully ask for your vote.