C’YA Promotes Assets Month And College & Military Day

Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) is promoting Assets Month and College and Military Day. Courtesy/LAC

Community asked to make a small donation to C’YA’s Change for Change fundraiser. Photo by Bernadette Lauritzen

C’YA Founder

The time has arrived for Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) to once again promote Assets Month and College and Military Day.

The bulk of our work is based on the Search Institute’s research on the 40 Developmental Assets. The categories include; Support, Empowerment, Boundaries & Expectations, Constructive Use of Time, Commitment to Learning, Positive Values, Social Competencies, and Positive Identity.

We’d love to share more with you and all you have to do is ask us. The best thing is that you are never too old to build assets. We try to do that in a variety of ways every day!

College and Military Day is one way to recognize that life-long learning is important. Technical school, welding certificates, massage school, barber school – it all matters. Sept. 10, show us a photo of your path of life-long learning or your colors and show your pride. If you’d like to join the fun, find us at www.cya-nm.org.

Our program has been doing this successfully for many years, and hit a few speed bumps during 2020. We have generally used September to hold our Change for Change fundraiser working with local businesses. The businesses would host spare change collectors throughout the month to benefit our programs throughout the year.

Last year, we didn’t want to impact their work to benefit ours and hoped people would support curbside service options and tip the staff.

Sadly, 2021 still finds us in a similar situation. We’re working with our community partners at Enterprise Bank & Trust for our fundraising this year. We hope that you might make a small donation to C’YA if you happen to be in the neighborhood. The bulk of the funds are currently supporting two projects. The first is sending mail to local troops serving across the nation and the world. If you would like to write letters or draw pictures, a mailbox is located at the Betty Ehart Senior Center.

One upcoming event is the Community Asset Awards which kicks off in November. Last year, we were forced to do a variety of variations from Zoom to mailings, which was much more difficult to coordinate. We’re used to holding a great in-person event for all of the nominees. We tried to feature most of the nominees in media articles and on social media. Feel free to read them on our Facebook page.

You still find the 40 Developmental Assets being done in the community today. Perhaps it is the after-school youth worker who nurtures all students, the teacher who goes above and beyond or the cafeteria worker happy to see your student every day. You find it in the counselor who always has a spare granola bar, the secretary who isn’t mad you were late, they were really worried until you made it, or my favorites, the bus drivers and the custodians. These are the people who make their work worthwhile, that make any day special.