Chamisa Trash Fashionistas Shine!

Sophia Bean makes a water bottle spiral. Courtesy photo
ART News:
The Chamisa Elementary Recycle Art Fair was a hit! Students and families enjoyed and participated in “make & take” art activities using recycled materials.
Renee Mitsunaga, Chamisa’s art teacher, focused on art projects using newspaper, jigsaw puzzles, old t-shirts, CDs, and more.
These projects are still on display in the hallways of Chamisa, if you would like to see them. The fashion show was organized by Andrea Lynch.
She designed a few outfits and the runway by reusing props from the YMCA Homecoming float.
Chamisa Elementary would like to thank their community partners in education, they are:
  • Donations from Jemez House-White Rock, Village Arts-Los Alamos, Dana Kline, YMCA, and Joanne Kozuchowski
  • Frontier Frames-Santa Fe donating Plexiglas and matboard remnants
  • White Rock-Metzger’s Staff for laboriously cutting the Plexiglas into useable pieces for student artwork.
Joyce Haven the fashion show announcer. Courtesy photo
Alanna Fresquez in her reused trash bag and tissue paper dress. Courtesy photo
Fashionista Erin Gattis with her grocery bag outfit. Courtesy photo
Emery Daughtry made a bag from an old pair of jeans. Courtesy photo
Andrea Lynch, one of the original organizers of this event, designed the runway using recylced props from the YMCA Homecoming float. Courtesy photo
Santos Martinez in his ‘Crazy Hair Day’ milk jug mask. Courtesy photo
Sara Khan with a toilet paper tube hat. Courtesy photo
Plexiglass (remnants) paintings. Courtesy photo
Oceanah Gross makes a pizza using shredded paper, cardboard, and packing paper. Courtesy photo
Hannah Martinez models her recycled pinata. Courtesy photo
Celeste Levy volunteer from Los Alamos High School National Honor Society. Courtesy photo