Chamisa Staff Gets Creative For A Good Cause: Empty Bowls Project

Empty Bowls Project Coordinator Deborah Gill receives a finished bowl from fifth grade teacher David Parsons. Courtesy photo

Chamisa teachers had so many colors to choose from. Courtesy photo


Chamisa Elementary staff gathered Wednesday in the art room to participate in the Empty Bowls Project with coordinator Deborah Gill. Chamisa art teacher, Renee Mitsunaga will hold a second event Dec. 3 for parents. 

“We would like to provide our parents an opportunity to show off their creativity for a good cause,” Mitsunaga said.

This service project benefits Self Help, Inc., an organization dedicated to developing self-reliance in Northern New Mexico. The bowls creatively painted by Chamisa staff members will be sold at the annual Empty Bowls fundraising event at the Betty Ehart Senior Center 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., March 17. People will be able to select a hand-painted bowl for $15 with a serving of delicious, hot soup and fresh baked bread. 

Deb Snow relaxing with art. Courtesy photo

James and Beverly Nelson share the joy of painting for a worthy cause. Courtesy photo

Kristine Sandford takes a break from her busy day to relax with art. Courtesy photo

Rachel Wehner gets creative with a ‘masking’ technique. Courtesy photo

Carolyn Torres loves to paint things from nature. Courtesy photo

Reading Specialist Pam Sutton prepares her glazes. Courtesy photo

Becky Sims shows off her bowl. Courtesy photo

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