Chamber Member Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op Helps With California Camp Fire Today

The Camp Fire broke out Nov. 8 near the town of Paradise, Calif., and within minutes raged through the community, obliterating a football-field-size-per- second of everything in its path, destroying nearly 10,000 homes, killing many residents and leveling the town of 27,000 people.
The fire, still raging on is already the most destructive wildfire in California’s history.
Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op in Central Park Square in downtown Los Alamos is participating in a nationwide fundraising effort to support impacted communities. It will brew its version of Sierra Nevada’s Resilience IPA and sell it in the Taproom.
The Tub said 100% of the proceeds from this event will go to support those impacted by the Camp Fire.
They will be brewing 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., today, Nov. 30 and invite the community to stop by during the brew, chat with the brewer, and see what it is they do. Later in the month, the Tub will premier the beer so keep an eye out for the announcement of that date.