Chamber Forms New Crowdfunding Clowd®

Nicholas Seet, second from right, speaks with students in his UNM-LA class, ‘Financing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise.’  Photo by Vint Miller/UNM-LA

Nicholas Seet and his UNM-LA class, ‘Financing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise.’ From left, Misty in front, Alex behind (Main Street Crowd), Julia, Micheline, Yoko, Katy, Mack, Professor Nicholas Seet, Gary, Brandon and Marshall Neel (MainStreet Crowd.) Courtesy photo


  • New Economic Development Portal Brings Projects to the People

The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce announced today that it has formed a “Clowd,” a custom, local crowdfunding and crowdsourcing network now available on the new MainStreet Crowd economic development platform.

This platform allows nonprofit business and community development organizations to host their own crowdfunding sites at no cost, and even provides revenue sharing with the organizations. There is no cost to join Main Street Crowd or the new Chamber Clowd® (the crowd in the cloud.)

“Our platform is like LinkedIn for economic development,” co-founder Marshall Neel said.“It enables local social and professional networking around local business development and worthwhile quality of life projects.”

Students talk about their projects during the UNM-LA class, ‘Financing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise.’  Photo by Vint Miller/UNM-LA

According to Chamber Manager Katy Korkos, this new way of funding community projects can be an important piece in the local economic development puzzle.  

“This will serve as a central place for the community to come to see and support new business and community projects. We encourage everyone in the community to sign up and work with our members in support of local business and community improvement,” she said.

“I think it can be a great way to engage people, too,” Korkos said.

Chamber members can have a free page in the site that lists the services they provide, an additional benefit of membership.

Crowdfunding involves the community “crowd” each giving a small contribution that will collectively make a big difference in the growth and prosperity of the community. Neel said “People invest in who they know and what they know and they will find exactly that in their local Clowdz on MainStreet Crowd,” he said.

“We’ve been working with UNM-Los Alamos Professor Nik Seet and his “Financing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise” class to create sample projects for the local Clowd,” Korkos said. People who go to the MainStreet Crowd site can see those projects and contribute right away to those that appeal to them.”

The Los Alamos Beer Co-op and the iShop Los Alamos project already have projects underway. The Beer Co-op’s long-term goal is to raise the money for professional brewing equipment and to create a taproom for locally brewed craft beer. The iShop Los Alamos project aims to raise awareness of local shopping.

The first project to appear on the site, other than those created by Professor Seet’s class, is a film project conceived by local photographer Mike Young, who would like to showcase the grace and athleticism of  female skiers and snowboarders in a film called “The Snow Queen.”

MainStreet Crowd plans to bring up a service soon allowing businesses to apply for commercial loans online with local financial institutions and non-profit lenders. For more information contact Marshall Neel at Main Street Crowd.

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