Views Of Perimeter Trail Off 48th Street

View Saturday of the Perimeter Trail off 48th Street. The trail wraps around much of the northern and western edges of Los Alamos. It can be started from either end or from multiple access points in between. Arrange a shuttle or on weekdays, Atomic City Transit can be used to complete the hike. Starting from the eastern end, park along Maple Drive about 500 feet north of the intersection of Maple Drive and Sumac Lane in the Ponderosa Estates Subdivision. There is no trailhead signage at this location, so look carefully for the start of the trail adjacent to a house heading west along the south side of


Reilly: War And Peace

Los Alamos

General Dwight David Eisenhower commanded the European Theater of Operations in WWII; he later served two terms as President of the United States. My favorite quote of Ike’s is, “the people of the world want peace, and they want it so badly that eventually the governments will have to stand back and let them have it”.

This states an interesting truth; namely, that people all over want peace, but the governments continue to fight wars. Is anarchy the answer? I think not. What is the answer? Is there an answer? I’m not sure there is.

Consider the present. There are wars in


LANL: New Pre-Clinical Model Could Hold The Key To Better HIV Treatments

A team led by researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine and Children’s National Hospital has developed a unique pre-clinical model that enables the study of long-term HIV infection, and the testing of new therapies aimed at curing the disease.

Ordinary mice cannot be infected with HIV, so previous HIV mouse models have used mice that carry human stem cells or CD4 T cells, a type of immune cell that can be infected with HIV.


Berardinelli Hosts 6-Week Grief Recovery Program


Berardinelli Family Funeral Service is hosting a 6-Week Grief Recovery Program, 2-3 p.m. Fridays, June 4 to July 9.

This group program is for those who have experienced deaths of family, friends or colleagues.

The program is facilitated by Eileen Joyce, Certified Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist with 25 years of experience.

The purpose of this program is to learn and share in a confidential setting about grief and loss and how they affect work and relationships.

Topics covered over the six weeks:

  • Losses and how we deal with them;
  • The myths about grief, loss, and healing;
  • How


Daily Postcard: Brown Headed Cowbird In White Rock

Daily Postcard: A Brown Headed Cowbird singing recently at a residence in White Rock. Centuries ago this bird probably followed bison herds on the Great Plains, feeding on insects flushed from the grass by the grazers. Today it follows cattle, and occurs abundantly from coast to coast. Its spread has represented bad news for other songbirds: Cowbirds lay their eggs in nests of other birds. Heavy parasitism by cowbirds has pushed some species to the status of endangered and has probably hurt populations of some others. Source: www.audubon.org. Photo by Nancy Ann Hibbs


Crews Monitor Cuervito Fire, Continue Hand Ignitions

SFNF News:

SANTA FE – Crews are monitoring fire behavior and weather conditions on the Cuervito Fire on the Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) as they continue to blackline the northern end of the fire and along Forest Road (FR) 200 on the east.

The SFNF is managing the lightning-caused Cuervito Fire to reintroduce low-intensity fire back into a primarily fire-adapted ecosystem and reduce the hazardous build-up of heavy and overgrown vegetation.

Location: 9 miles east of Pecos and 3 miles southwest of the Barillas Lookout on the Pecos/Las Vegas Ranger District

Start Date: May 9, 2021

Size: Approximately


LAHS Topper Girls Swim & Dive Team Take 3rd At State

Anna Clark places 6th with 222.55 points in the diving completion. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com

Sophia Pieck at the start of the 100 freestyle. She finished in 7th place. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com


The Los Alamos High School Topper Girls Swim Team won 3rd place at the State Swimming and Diving Meet held Thursday afternoon in the Natatorium at Albuquerque Academy.

The team had 166 points, Albuquerque Academy scored 392 points and Eldorado 250 points.

Katherine Elton swims the butterfly leg in the 200-yard medley relay. The team finished in 8th. Photo by John McHale/ladailypost.com


NIST Releases Tips & Tactics For Dealing With Ransomware

NIST News:

Used in cyberattacks that can paralyze organizations, ransomware is malicious software that encrypts a computer system’s data and demands payment to restore access.

To help organizations protect against ransomware attacks and recover from them if they happen, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published an infographic offering a series of simple tips and tactics. 

NIST’s advice includes:

  • Use antivirus software at all times — and make sure it’s set up to automatically scan your emails and removable media (e.g., flash drives) for ransomware and other


LAHS Olions Cast And Crew Creating Great Live Theater

Samuel Wolfsberg playing Hunter in the Olions production of [Title of Show]. Courtesy/LAHS Olions

Los Alamos Daily Post

The Los Alamos High School Olions production of [Title of Show] (the clean version) is a great combination of the witty and the heartfelt.

The musical follows Jeff (Elijah Hanks) and Hunter (Samuel Wolfsberg), childhood friends and current collaborators, as they take on the challenge of writing an original musical to submit to a festival that is three weeks away.

Jeff and Samuel recruit two actress friends, Susan (Elise Ovaska)