Canine Cruelty Victim Melts Hearts at Roundhouse

David Card and his dog Taffy attended Animal Protection Voters of New Mexico  Animal Lobby Day Feb 25 at the Roundhouse. Taffy was rescued after being abandoned and mistreated. Courtesy photo
By Robin Scoggins and Michelle Johnson

On Feb. 25, 2013 the Animal Protection Voters (APV) of New Mexico held Animal Lobby Day at the state capital.

APVNM is the first statewide animal advocacy organization in the country.

Canine guest, Taffy, was abandoned and found on the side of the road, scarred on his back, emaciated and blind. No one was ever held responsible for discarding him like trash. 

“Taffy and other animals like him deserve better than what New Mexico law currently provides,” said David Card, Taffy’s new owner. “People who cause this kind of suffering and commit these kinds of crimes are a danger to our communities.”

To see before and after photos of Taffy as well as the Animal Lobby Day at the capital, visit

Los Alamos Sen. Richard Martinez is sponsoring SB 83/HB 224, which tightens the language in the state’s animal cruelty law and helps prosecutors better pursue cases of extreme neglect.

These companion bills would make extreme neglect resulting in great bodily harm or death a fourth degree felony. SB 83/HB 224 has passed unanimously in both the Senate Public Affairs committee and in the house Consumer and Public Affairs committee.

“The changes we’re asking for address really terrible cruelty to animals, which can escalate to violence against other members of the household if not interrupted,” Martinez said. “These laws have not been significantly upgraded for 14 years.”

To sign an on-line petition for this bill or for more infrmation, visit APVM online at

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