Candidate James Robinson Expresses Gratitude

Candidate for County Council

I wanted to begin by thanking my family, friends, and supporters. You all have been instrumental to my success and last night would not have ended the way it did without your help!

I also want to thank the citizens of Los Alamos. Last night was another amazing turnout, and you proved that you take your civic duty seriously!

Finally, I want to thank all the Democratic candidates, especially Tim Morrison and Quentin Dimick. We had an amazing group of candidates, and it is a shame not all of us could make it. Thank you for caring about this community, and I hope to continue working with you all as we continue to make Los Alamos a wonderful place to live.

Soon, the signs will come down, and we will all take a break from the local politics. However, I will still be out around the county talking to our wonderful community.

Thank you again Los Alamos! Now, on to the next contest!