Candia, Medins, Williams Best Predictors In Pace Race

On their mark and getting ready to go in Tuesday’s weekly Pace Race on Barranca Mesa and in Bayo Canyon. Photo by David Kratzer/ACRR

ACRR News:

Despite a slight, cooling rain, 45 runners and walkers enjoyed a beautiful evening jaunt for one mile or three mile courses on Barranca Mesa and in Bayo Canyon during Tuesday’s weekly Atomic City Road Runners Pace Race.

Nine runners on the long course had predictions that were off by 30 seconds or less and Roxana Candia was the best predictor for the long course, on which runners ran around Barranca Mesa Elementary School and then down the horse trail into Bayo Canyon to the point and back Gonzales Road to Barranca School. She was off her prediction by just one second over the three miles.

Ted Williams was the second best predictor at four seconds off and John Ullman was only 10 seconds off his prediction. Other runners whose predictions were 30 seconds or less off were Katie Gattiker and Jesse Woodroffe at 16 seconds off, Heidi Bjorklund at 24 seconds off, Nikol Strother at 25 seconds off, Zach Medin at 26 seconds off, and Richard Thompson III at 30 seconds.

On the short (one mile) course, Adrian and Anders Medin tied for three seconds off their predictions (normalized to the three mile course). Jacob Thompson was the next best predictor at 18 seconds off followed by Jennifer Reglien at 51 seconds off.

The one-mile course was fairly flat and fast so many runners came in well ahead of their predictions. Most of the three mile runners beat their predictions in spite of the steep switchback required to get out of the canyon back onto Barranca Mesa.

Congratulations to Inez Ross for getting a silver medal in her age group at the National Senior Olympics in the 5K race!

Next week’s pace race begins at 6 p.m. at the Quemazon Trailhead in the Western area. Go west on Trinity Drive from the Diamond Drive/Trinity Drive intersection for .6 miles and turn left onto 48th then turn left on the service road to the trailhead. One and three mile courses will be offered on the Satch Cowan and Quemazon Trails and a one mile course will be offered on the pavement for runners with strollers. For information, call 505.672.1639 or visit the Club’s website at:

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