Camp Shaver Offers Unique Summer Experience

Scene from Camp Shaver. Photo by Connor Hoch/
Cabin nine at Camp Shaver. Photo by Connor Hoch/
Los Alamos Daily Post
Summer Intern
The YMCA’S Camp Shaver is a summer camp that introduces many different and new ways to enjoy your summer.
For example, campers put away phones and electronics to get out and enjoy some of what nature has to offer. Such as spending most of your time in a cabin and in the woods.
The camp offers a large assortment of activities such as climbing, high ropes, target sports, sword fighting (slash class),  a Romans fighting class where you can reenact battles from the past and even do gladiator battles, and other classes of that sort.
Camp Shaver is a great way to meet new people and friends who are from a completely different areas. Seeing as there are 14 bunks in a cabin, campers are bound to make friends with some of their bunk mates.
Camp Shaver is a great way to spend your summer. If you want to learn more about it visit or call 575.829.3572.
Camp Shaver’s iconic giant chair. Photo by Connor Hoch/
A group of  seasoned campers, from left, Colin Hoch, Mairen Hoch and Connor Hoch. Photo by Elizabeth Laskey
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