Call To Walk For Health: National Walking Day April 6

YMCA News:
ALBUQUERQUE  In support of the American Heart Association’s National Walking Day April 6, the New Mexico Alliance of YMCAs would like to encourage everyone in the state to make an intentional effort on that day to safely walk a new neighborhood route or pathway, and encourage continued walking efforts throughout the month in supporting the health initiative.
YMCA of Central New Mexico CEO Zizi Fritz said, “Walking is a great way for most Americans to increase their physical activity. It doesn’t require special skills or facilities, has a lower risk of injury than other forms of physical activity, and can be done by most people. Even those with diverse abilities are often able to walk or move with the help of devices such as wheelchairs or walkers.”
Physical activity benefits people in a variety of ways, Fritz said.
“It prevents chronic disease, assists in weight reduction, improves mood and reduces symptoms of depression, increases energy levels and more. Take a friend and get out and go,” she said.
About The New Mexico Alliance of YMCAs 
The three independent YMCA’s that serve communities in New Mexico partner together to advocate for health and healthy initiatives within the state. As part of a nonprofit organization committed to improving the nation’s health and well-being, the Alliance focuses on promoting youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.