Cajete Fire: Los Alamos County Responds To Request From Sandoval County For Help With Displaced Animals


Los Alamos County’s Animal Shelter staff are responding to a request received overnight from the Sandoval County emergency response team to assist Animal Amigos with evacuation of animals being impacted by the Cajete Fire burning in the Jemez Mountains.

Animal Shelter staff relocated animals that were being housed in the County’s shelter to the Santa Fe animal shelter this morning in preparation for intake of these evacuated animals, which are expected to be small domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits or chickens rather than large animals such as horses; however, the local stable association in Los Alamos has been coordinating with the County and received approval for sheltering horses, that must be evacuated, at its local fairgrounds.

The County may expand sheltering activities through use of its mobile shelter as well.

LAPD Public Safety Aides who work at the shelter will be heading to the scene of the fire this morning to assist Animal Amigos and more information about intake of the evacuated animals should be available late this afternoon.

NOTE: Residents wishing to donate supplies or offer other help after the animals arrive are being asked to call LAPD Dispatch at 662.8222. LAPD Dispatch will note the offer of assistance and the individual’s name and phone number, and Animal Shelter staff will then coordinate offers against needs once they are able to assess the situation.