Businesses Remain Open During Road Work On Sherwood Boulevard In White Rock

Roadway construction continues on Sherwood Boulevard in White Rock. Motorists are traveling on new paved asphalt as demolition continues on the east side and construction is completed on the west side. Southbound traffic on Sherwood are urged to pay attention to traffic signals. Large equipment and trucks are visible in the area throughout the project. ALL BUSINESS ARE OPEN and accessible from Sherwood during the road work as well as the library. Northbound traffic is closed at Aztec while pavement is completed on the east side. RMCI continues subgrade preparation for sidewalks, utility verification and traffic control management. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Smith’s, Bandelier Grill and other businesses continue to serve shoppers and diners during the road construction on Sherwood Boulevard. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Photo by Carol A. Clark/

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